Friday, 19 February 2016

Why We Want To Be Mark Warner Ambassadors

To say my daughter is an Adrenalin junkie is an absolute understatement, She loves nothing better than us racing down the River Thames in a speedboat and her dream is to jump out of an aeroplane with a parachute. On a daily basis she asks me if she can climb up the cliff face of the white cliffs of Dover (this has been her ultimate dream for about 2 years). There is nothing odd about this you must be thinking, with the exception that my daughter is 5 years old ( I stand corrected, she is nearly 6).

This summer she has her heart set on travelling around Europe with a back pack and a tent! Sometimes I can barely keep up with her, I am after all 43 years old. hahaha

So why am I writing this post about my Adrenalin junkie daughter? because Mark Warner are looking for ambassadors to join their 2016 blogging team and we would love to apply.
Tilly has been through a pretty tough year and has had to put herself lastly for quite a while, So this is why I would like to make her dream come true and get her a holiday where she can embrace the adventure in her. Because that is what you get from Mark Warner Holidays. We would love to go on one of their skiing holidays, Skiing is something we can't do where we live in Kent as we never get snow and the only place to ski down would be those white cliffs of Dover. Neither of us have skied before so we would be a complete starters, but ask anyone and they will tell you that I crave adventure. Adventure is the spice of life and We live and breathe adventure, we wouldn't want to do the same as everyone else and I like Tilly experiencing things that others don't. I am not one for lying on the beaches of Spain - I am the one climbing waterfalls and going out into the Caribbean on a raft to get my thrills. Life is for living so you have to live it to the max! I am the person who took her kids around Europe a few years ago when they were teenagers and we would spend nights sleeping on trains and at train stations to get across counties. I am the mum who wants to experience everything once! (I even want to run up the escalators the wrong way, but there is always someone watching ;) Her wishlist for a summer holiday is to include, slides into the sea, pirate boats, banana boats and stroking cats (not sure this is adventurous but it depends on the cat and the holiday destination I suppose)

The Mark Warner Ambassador Programme will enable Tilly to fulfill many of her dreams and she is so desperate to go on a plane, I promise there will be no jumping out at any stage of the plane ride, no matter how much she nags me or appears with a parashute!
I am a big believer that if you're going to a holiday destination you need to make the most of it. I get bored sitting on the beach all day long and I want to be out there doing the water sports, taking in the sights and disappearing on an adventure. after all you have paid a lot of money to get to a destination so you should really make the most of it.

My perfect holiday is one where I feel that I have made the most of the days, where I create memories for my family and where I know I am with a safe genuine company that will look after all my needs and embrace our family wishes. My perfect holiday is one that is made especially for me and everything is sorted out for me from the flights to the meals (nothing beats full board). I don't use childcare on holiday because a holiday is a time for you to bond, to learn new things and enjoy quality time as a family. Life can be so stressful at home as I am a working mum and I juggle life to the max, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We would like to take this moment to wish all other applicants the best of luck with their entries. We would like our entry to be for Adventure Junkie, because that would suit my family down to the ground.

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