Saturday, 30 January 2016

Travelling The World In A White Van From Northgate Vehicle Hire

I was an army kid, we had a great life as we lived abroad. But when I moved back to the UK and started my own little family,I yearned to travel again. I wanted to show my children the world, but instead I raised my family and pushed my dreams to the back of my mind. When they were older, I decided we would take a road trip to Ireland and we loved it. We traveled around Eire and experienced so many different things. I left it a few more years and then I planned a huge trip around Europe. Okay it was huge in my head, but we spent two weeks in Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Lichtenstein and Switzerland as back packers. We slept in train stations and on over night trains, and in reality we returned home needing another holiday to rest.
More than anything, now I want to take Tilly travelling. I know deep down that she is too young to cope with it and respect the different cultures we would see but I do have a plan. It is an adventurous plan, but it happened once and I know with determination it will happen again.
I want to travel around the world with Tilly, I have wanted to do it since all the kids were little, but at the moment, it hasn't happened. Europe is the closest we have ever got to it. Tilly is saving up for a holiday now and her little back account stands at £340.27. Not quite enough to travel the world, But we will soon get there.

Something that has appealed to me is travelling the world in a van, just chucking our life in the back of a van and going. It would be one huge road trip :)

I don't drive but I have discussed it with a friend Gee about travelling with our children. There really is no better way for kids to learn than experience life themselves first hand. Gee and I have taken a couple of road trips in the past, but only to the UK and France, but something always goes wrong with her car. One time her car broke down on the Ferry to France and another time it broke down on the motorway at 11.30pm and we spent a terrifying hour and half stuck on the motorway with two kids aged 3 and a boy of 9.  So next time we said we would hire a van, maybe a Crew Van which would have the seats for us and the large space in the back to put everything we need.

Our wish list is to travel over a year and try and visit as many different countries as we can on the way to Australia. We would travel to France from UK and drive through to Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and China. We would drive through China and Visit as many places as we can, after all how many kids get to visit China? China is rich in history and there is so much to learn, even for us adults. From China we would leave our van at the airport and fly off to Australia for a few weeks. After Australia we would return to China and make our journey home. going through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg and France. Then its time to get the ferry from Calais to Dover and the last leg home.

Travelling by van means you can put your back packs and tent in the back as well as any other basic things we would need on the journey. It is do-able and with the hire of a van from Northgate, you can be assured that you will be covered for repairs, loss of keys and servicing. You will be given a safe vehicle to embark on your journey of a lifetime and all thats left to do is enjoy your trip.

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