Monday, 11 May 2015

How to play online bingo

Did you know that over 2.5 million women play online bingo? that it has become more and more popular in the recent years making it more accessible for many people to enjoy the odd game of bingo from home. 96% of the people playing bingo will win! So what are the benefits of online bingo?

  • It is a great way to meet people that you wouldn't normally meet, if you went to a bingo hall.
  • There is a chat room to enjoy some banter whilst you play your game.
  • Its perfect if you are confined to home and cant get out to the bingo hall.
  • With 25 balls being called every minute, you can adjust the settings on some sites to get the caller to slow down to your pace.
  • Online bingo offers a different range of bingo games for you to enjoy.
  • There are no operating hours, so if you wake up at 2am and can't sleep you can switch on the computer and have a sneaky game of bingo.
  • You don't have to get dressed up and leave the house, you can sit in your onesie snuggled up on the sofa to play bingo.
  • You can have a few taster sessions for free or you deposit a little amount of cash to your account and they will credit you more.
  • Playing bingo is really good for your hand/eye co-ordination.
  • There is a stigma that only old people play bingo! but playing from home, nobody knows how old or young you are.
  • You can play games for as little as 10p on some bingo sites.
  • You can play bingo with people world wide.
  • Nobody can see if your new to the game and you don't really know what to do.
So how do you find a decent bingo site?

Rather than go through all the bingo sites on the web, there are comparison websites that will do it for you. We use comparison sites for our telephone, amenities and sometimes even our weekly shopping, so why not pop over to a bingo comparison website to see what bingo websites hold the best offer for you. It shows you which bingo site is offering the best deal with your deposit and also directs you to free bingo sites. You can get advice about how to play bingo and which sites offer additional lotteries and games.

Bingo isn't just for the older generation it is for people like you and I, People that don't live close to a bingo hall and people that are confined to the house because of childcare problems or because your ill. 

This was a sponsored post for and please remember gamble aware and play bingo safely.

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